Naples jet center delivers dual garmin g600
refurbished panel

Naples, FL—Naples Jet Center (NJC) announced last week that it has delivered its first dual Garmin G600 panel refurbishment in a Twin Commander 1000. The dual G600 retrofit was part of a larger panel redesign and aircraft refurbishment.

The panel replacement began by removing the old and unnecessary wiring, and installing all new wiring harnesses for a custom designed instrument array that featured recessed panels for the G600.

Garmin’s new G600 system represents a viable and affordable after-market glass retrofit option for older aircraft. Using technology derived from the popular G1000 avionics system, the G600 package replaces old-style mechanical instruments in the panel with sleek, large-format LCD displays.

Its fully integrated flight director makes the G600 a natural upgrade for aircraft with existing Garmin radios. The installed system also included a scaled version of Garmin’s SVT™ Synthetic Vision, which uses sophisticated graphics modeling to create a 3-D topographic landscape from the G600’s terrain alerting database.

In addition to the two G600s, NJC installed a GNS-530AW, a GNS-430A, a Garmin GMA-347 Audio Panel, 2 Garmin GTX-330 Transponders, an Avidyne EX-500 MFD with charts, Satellite Weather and Skywatch. Prior to the panel replacement, the airplane was refurbished with new paint, a new interior and fresh inspections.

“The style and craftsmanship put into this new panel, along with the other refurbishments, makes this airplane look better than the day it left the production line,” said Bruce Byerly, Naples Jet Center’s Vice President. “This project is another demonstration of our commitment to Twin Commander operators by continually offering programs and upgrades that keep the fleet up to date.”

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